Our Story

What was the motivation behind “Good Luck Bangladesh?

GOOD LUCK, a stationery brand in Bangladesh, wanted to awaken Bangladesh’s citizens, by show-casing the dream of the Bangladeshi, like never before. We wanted to create an online video archive that reminded that the dream of Bangladeshi had not been forgotten while also encouraging others to be part of the change they want to see in Bangladesh. Ultimately, GOOD LUCK, a stationery brand, was delivering a wake-up call that real change is in our hands.


How does it work?

“Good Luck Bangladesh” is a movement where participants are asked to capture a video of their dream on their smart device and send it to us which is published to our website www.goodluckbangladesh.net. This has never been done before. It is planned to fulfill 10 dreams from all the video submission on 2018. One of the main reason for this movement was to build a strong backbone of our nation by providing educational material to the under privileged people.


About the brand.

Good Luck stationery has created a new era in stationery industry of Bangladesh. It produces different stationery items including pencil, pen, color pencils, and box etc. Vision of this business was to become number one brand in stationery industry around the globe.

Advancement in innovation & technology has turned into a powerful brand. Good Luck stationery strongly believe in intensive workforce, dedication towards success, skilled operation, tremendous team management, aggressive sales force in order to become the international brand. It offers segments like- Stationery, Writing Instrument, Printing and Note book etc.

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